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I went with my dad. We're both interested in the paranormal. Angie and Reuben were our guides. They were very knowledgeable about the hauntings as well as the history. The night was not quiet for us! Immediately, my dad encountered a "lady friend" who continued to talk to him through the night. I was speaking with a miner as we walked through the town. Oddly, Angie got a picture of a mist (no clouds, smoke, dirt, wind, etc.) above my head during one of my conversations. My camera also took two pictures when it was turned off. The oddest part of the night was in the shack below the mountains. I was using the radar ap on my phone. There was one to my right. Angie got an orb in that same place and my dad's dowsing rod swung towards me. The words on my ap said "natural, gentle, famous." I was talking with Jane Alice...Carol Lombard! Other words that came through were "further, across, particles, done, Alice." Weird! If you're into ghosts, you should go! Skeptics may even change their minds.

We were actually on the tour with Francisco from Costa Rica and have to agree with him, it is great!. We came from Nova Scotia and made a point of joining the tour, after reading great things. The temperature readings we got were inexplicable and when the EMF detector responded with a "yes" to leave the area we were in, we took off running! Robert and Ruben made the experience spooky, yet educational and we haven't stopped talking about it since. We will definitely do it again when we make it back to Vegas!

Jenn and Jim
Halifax, Nova Scotia


I wanted a real ghost hunting experience and this didn't disappoint me. So many others you find are just a bunch of scary stories, but this is the real thing with EMF meters, EVP sessions, laser thermal scans...everything! David Hoffman, our tour guide and host for the evening was amazing! He knows his history and made the town come to life. He had us riveted from the time we got into the van (in Vegas) until the time we got out at the end of the evening back in Vegas. Our tour ran a lot longer than usual because a group of people came in thinking that the date they had on their tickets was that day, but it was a week later (they made a mistake when booking it). Because they weren't going to be in Vegas on the day they actually booked, David took time and bent over backwards to try to accommodate them, but ultimately couldn't do it. (There are limits to how many can come on the tour, and their group should have been a group in itself.) Rueben, our driver was great too. I can't say enough good things about it!


I have done Paranormal Investigations in my country and was looking something to do related to my trip to Vegas. My expectation was actually high due to the way I am involved with the topic. These expectations were exceeded; the idea of doing an actual ghost hunt in such a town was great. I took my own equipment to verify everything was true, and I had never seen such activity anywhere. I am still analyzing data from my DVR and camera, but what temperature and EMF meters showed was amazing. All people involved, from driver, guide, saloon personnel and owner were really nice and helpful. Even the pizza was good!! I really recommend this activity to anyone visiting Vegas, specially for those believers!

Francisco Navarro
San Jose, Costa Rica

I am not very interested in ghost hunting and I have to admit that my husband dragged me along for this one. But I was really impressed with the use of the EMF meters and temperature scanners. Things happened with the EMF meter that I can't explain. We seemed to be getting direct, consistent responses to our questions. Robert Allen is full of interesting stories about old Vegas, celebrities, and the mob which really add to the tour. The owner of the Pioneer Saloon also shared a lot of interesting stories about Carol Lombard and and other "ghosts" that haunt the place. I highly recommend this tour.

Deatsville, Alabama

“An Authentic Ghost Hunt”
The first thing that I want to say is "WOW". Guys, this is the real deal! If you have ever been even a passing fan of the "ghost hunting" shows on tv, you MUST take this tour!

First, you drive out into the desert to the nearly deserted town of Goodsprings, where your initial stop is at the infamous Pioneer Saloon. This place was built in 1913, and has seen its fair share of torment. It was seated within these walls that Clark Gable heard that his wife, Carole Lombard, had been killed in a tragic plane crash. It is said that they both haunt the saloon to this day.

I took the above photograph when standing across the street from the saloon. There are several obvious shadows, orbs, and streams of light. SOMETHING is definitely in Goodsprings, Nevada. Several different locations in Goodsprings were visited, but not before we were treated to a pizza party in the saloon. We would surely need the energy!

We would continue on to an abandoned miner's cabin, buildings that were literally crumbling (often before our eyes), and an old cemetery.

What is great about this tour is the comradery. Before you know it, you have a dozen new friends, and everyone is snapping photos, sharing them, and squealing with delight when something "not quite right" is noted.

However, the best part about this tour is the equipment. Feel just like a real ghost hunter, sporting dowsing rodes, EMF detectors, and EVP audio recorders. (For those of you not up on your Ghost Adventures lingo, that's electro magnetic field detectors and electronic voice phenoma recorders, to you.)

This is a tour that could be taken again and again, because it would never be the same experience twice!

Louisville, Kentucky

This is not your average ghost tour! Robert Allen was full of knowledge and stories, and he and the driver, Reuben, made the evening even more entertaining. It's obvious that they're passionate about this. The drive to Goodsprings was short and filled with a pre-brief. Once there, you start in the old Pioneer Saloon and meet the owner and staff, and locals, and get some firsthand accounts. At this time, you can order refreshments, and a pizza or burger are included as part of the package. Equipment are then issued (dowsing rods, EMF meters, and laser temp gauges) and instructions briefed. A guided walking tour and experiments are then conducted throughout the "downtown" area of Goodsprings. Quite a few places are creepy and foreboding. The EMF meters went off several times in various locations, and conversations/questions asked to the triggering phenomena are often "answered" by what are possibility be intelligent. Made for a very interesting evening!

Would definitely recommend esp. once you tire of all the lights, glitz, and crowds in LV!

Millbrook, Alabama

“LOVED LOVED LOVED this tour!”
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This is NOTHING like your regular "Ghost Tour" that you normally get. You actually spend losts of time with real equipment talking hunting and talking to spirits/ghosts. Our tour even ran long because we were all finding so many ghosts to communicate with and we didn't want to go back. Everyone got lots of good pictures and we all shared email addresses at the end. The tour was amazing and I will definately be going back next time I go to Vegas!


My sister and I booked a tour of the Goodsprings Ghost Hunt thinking that it would
be just a tour, not knowing that we would participate in an actual ghost hunt! We
had the time of our lives! We plan to book another trip to Vegas and Goodsprings
will be on the top of our list of must activities! Our guide David was very
informative and made sure that everyone had the chance to explore and experience the
paranormal. I will never forget this trip, I had the time of my life!

Terry Bales, Newport News Virginia
Cheryl Volk, Moses Lake Washington

We just returned from a fabulous and fun tour of Goodsprings, Nevada. It's actually
called the Goodsprings Ghost Hunt! Honestly, we enjoyed this evening more than any other ghost
hunt we have ever been on. We captured many pictures of orbs of all sizes, and had
several high readings on our EMF recorder. The whole evening was over the top in every way!!!

Thank you for everything! We can't wait to come back and tour with you again!
With love and appreciation,
Myra and Stephen Nathenson Prescott,Arizona

We attended the Goodsprings ghost hunt and had a wonderful time. Our guide David was amazing and his knowledge of paranormal investigation kept us interested and intrigued all evening. We got some great photos and some EVP in the cemetery also. I highly recommend this event to anyone who is into the paranormal.
                                                                                        - Henry Walters - Christchurch, New Zealand

Hello Dave,
Hope all is well. As promised here are my findings from the Goodsprings Ghost Hunt. Pretty interesting stuff for sure! I'm still trying to find the pictures of my son and what I believe is the ghost of my brother with him. I will send those as soon as I find them. Please let me know what you think of the pics sent with this email. Happy Hunting :-). We had a great time!
Ronda Howison

We had a great time on the Ghost Hunt. We actually went back the next day and explored Goodsprings in the light. We really enjoyed it. Please feel free to use any photos of mine and of us on your site. Thank you again.

Charlie and Donna Libby Charleston, South Carolina

Thanks again for the great ghost hunting experience at Goodsprings last night. My friend Tony and I really enjoyed it and talking to you more about some of our experiences afterwards. We cannot wait to see/hear the experiences from last night.
Tony and I have been doing alot of our own hunts; however, we are wanting to explore more. We are definitely interested in becoming members of ghost quest, so please let us know the details and future plans, trips, etc.
Lou Chiaramonte

Thank you so much for a great experience.. We had a great time.. Since, my boyfriend and I are locals, we will definitely recommend your tour to our friends and family.
Misty and Jack, Las Vegas NV




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