What is the Goodsprings Ghost Hunt?
The Goodsprings Ghost Hunt is a paranormal investigation of a spooky old western mining town. The town of Goodsprings, Nevada is said to be home to over 30 ghostly inhabitants and is a popular hangout for ghost investigators. The haunted 100 year old Pioneer Saloon was recently featured on the Travel Channel's TV show, "Ghost Adventures."

Where is the pick up point for the Goodsprings Ghost Hunt and what is the departure time?
The Goodsprings Ghost Hunt offers the FREE PIONEER SALOON COURTESY SHUTTLE that leaves Las Vegas from the Tuscany Suites and Hotel, 255 E. Flamingo Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89169. The courtesy shuttle will return to the Tuscany Suites at the end of the evening.  (If you prefer you may drive your own vehicle out to Goodsprings and meet us at the Pioneer Saloon for the ghost hunt.)

How long does it last?
Running time approximately 4.5 hours.

Can children attend the Ghost Hunt?
No. You must be 18 years old to attend.

Will we see real ghosts?
The Ghost Hunt is designed to search out and contact spirits at documented ghost sights in the pioneer town of Goodsprings, Nevada. While the ghost hunt was created to be interesting and exciting we can not guarantee a ghost sighting or contact on any given visit.

Can you take you take alcohol on the courtesy shuttle?
No alcoholic or soft drink beverages may be consumed on the shuttle. Bottled water is permitted.

Can I bring a video camera?
Video cameras and the taking of photos with still cameras is "encouraged." (See our Ghost Pix Link) You may also bring your personal, portable recording devices for EVP.

How much are tickets to The Goodsprings Ghost Hunt?
General Admission (GA) to the Ghost Hunt is $109.00 per person.

What is included?
General Admission: Includes free Pioneer Saloon shuttle transportation to and from Goodsprings Nevada, a Paranormal Investigation (Ghost Hunt) of Goodsprings, the paranormal ceremony, the use of our ghost equipment, and a complimentary pizza party at the world famous 100 year old Pioneer Saloon. 4.5 hours of Ghosts, Food & Fun!

What is the proper attire for the Ghost Hunt?
This event will involve walking through uneven terrains (Deserted and destroyed buildings and a cemetery) Please wear close toe shoes as sandals and open toe shoes are not permitted for your safety. Please be sure to wear warm clothing in winter months as it will be cold most nights.

Are you equipped for the handicapped?
Regrettably, no, not at this time.

How do I get tickets to the Goodsprings Ghost Hunt?
Get your tickets on line: Click here:

or call our Toll Free Ticket Broker at: (866) 218-4935

The management reserves the right to cancel this activity due to rain, snow or any weather conditions which in the opinion of the management is deemed to be hazardous or impedes the scheduled activity.
Any claim for a company canceled activity shall be limited to refund of ticket price and service charge paid by the ticket holder. Such claim must be filed within 60 days after the activity was to have occurred. The ticket holder may at his/her option elect to re-schedule for a alternative date.
Ghost Hunting activities may include some elements of risk. The ticket holder participates at his/her own risk. The producers of this event assume no liability for injuries or loss due to participation in this event.
This even is conducted for entertainment purposes only. The management makes no claim to the existence or validity of the supernatural.